The Importance of Landscaping Your Home

Landscaping is important to a home. It can add beauty and brighten our lives with birds, bees, flowers, and shrubbery. There are few sights more pleasant than a crocus that has pushed its way through a bank of snow and turned to follow the sun, or night-blooming cactus that has opened its petals to the moon, or the delicate dance of butterflies.

Most people enjoy nature and spend many happy hours pruning and tending to their gardens. However, if a property is not maintained it will quickly return to a wild state, and this is not good for any structure. Seemingly innocent bushes and vines can quickly overgrow a house, deteriorate its surfaces and introduce vermin, moisture, and insects.

Trees and bushes need to be pruned, and foliage kept 12 inches away from house, walls, and other structures. Tree roots can crack driveways, walkways, and other hard surfaces with relative ease, and trees should never be planted too close to the foundation of a house. Ivy provides an inexpensive and hardy ground cover, but it can also become a haven for rodents.