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    10 Tricks to Scare Away Burglars

    Check the latest tech. There are all sorts of new home security devices, like doorbells that ring on your cell phone and inexpensive easy to install surveillance systems, such as the Canary. get advice at your electronics store or read on-line...

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    Tips For Finding a Contractor

    When searching for a contractor you should: Ask neighbors and friends if they have worked with any contractor they would recommend Look in the yellow pages / internet Focus on local companies Get three bids with details in writing ...

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    Christmas Tree Safety Tips

    If you have an artificial tree, be sure it's labeled, certified or identified as fire retardant. If you buy a live tree, make sure it's fresh. The needles should be hard to pull off the branches. To keep a live tree fresh, cut off about two...

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    What To Do About Algae Streaks

    Algae Streaks, They're destroying the longevity and curb appeal of your roof. The streaks and stains are actually an algae feeding on the limestone filler in the asphalt shingle on your roof. Roof Algae is photoautotrophic cyananobacteria...

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    Winter Safety Tip

    Winter Safety Tip: As winter takes hold across the Midwest your furnace and other heating equipment will be used more often. Purchase a Carbon Monoxide Detector. CO poisoning is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced during the combustion of...

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    Testing Grounded Outlets

    Testing grounded outlets is quite simple with ordinary electrical testers, such as those in the picture to the left, which are available at most hardware stores. They will show common faults in the wiring, such as an open ground, open hot, open...

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    The Importance of Landscaping Your Home

    Landscaping is important to a home. It can add beauty and brighten our lives with birds, bees, flowers, and shrubbery. There are few sights more pleasant than a crocus that has pushed its way through a bank of snow and turned to follow the sun, or...

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    Emergency Shut-Off Locations

    Emergency Shut-off locations are the first thing that homeowners need to be aware of. Depending on the emergency, it often becomes necessary to shut-off a utility quickly. Therefore, every responsible member of a household should make a mental note...

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